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Application Simplified

The 1003 application can be difficult and confusing to fill out. Acquisitions Capital has simplified and evolved the mortgage application to a digital, point, and shoot form that simplifies the whole process, making it quick and easy and we're sure you'll love.

Foreign Nationals Loans

Acquisitions Capital Inc, has been serving domestic and international clients for over 20 years! Foreign national loans are our specialty. We have low rate bank loans or limited doc loans. No matter where you are in the map, we have a mortgage solution for you. Hablamos español. 

Fast Turn
Around Times

One of the complaints we hear from our customers is that the banks are extremely  slow. Acquisitions Capital acquired a high-end platform that allow our customers to receive loan proposals within 24 hours, be up to date throughout the process, and have your file reviewed and out of underwriting within 4 business days.


Acquisitions Capital offers a wide range of mortgage loan products, resulting in, finding the most advantageous deal . We represent your interests rather than the interests of lending institutions. We have the flexibility and expertise to meet your needs saving you time, money, and a massive headache! 

All Borrowers Welcomed

Has your mortgage loan been denied by a bank? We got you! Acquisitions Capital has the best alternative loan programs to fit your needs, including the bank statement program and the popular no doc loan in which we may not have to verify your credit history.

Excellent Quality Excellent Service

We have over 20 years of mortgage experience and relationships that allow us to obtain the best quality loan that is tailored to you. We go the extra mile in making sure you are content and satisfied by providing you with timely, attentive, and the best customer service.

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